It’s really a dangerous effort and is generally not a smart idea. Anyone can work with sublimated ink if your printer can do so as long as the ink matches the paper. It will not work if your printing machine is incompatible.

Why Aren’t All Printers Compatible With Sublimation Paper?

Printers prescribe specific types of paper for a cause, and that cause seems to be that different materials perform differently. Not all printers are compatible with sublimation paper, simply due to the way sublimation paper is constructed.

With standard printer paper, it is the ink that performs the function. When using sublimation paper, it is the paper responsible for retaining the print on the page. Sublimation ink is converted to a gas and then squeezed into the paper to create a permanent, incredibly detailed mark.

Can you use sublimation paper in any printer?

The issue is that many printers do not have sublimation-compatible printing heads or ink cartridges. As a reason, not all printers are capable of printing it. If you’re going to experiment with printing on some sublimation paper you’ve discovered, read this guide first. It might even save you and some money on ink.

Which Printers Does Sublimation Paper Handle?

As it is evident that the sublimation process is not possible for all printers, it is vital to understand whether your printer is compliant with this printing method. The following rules apply to printers that may perform well together sublimation paper:

  • Any printer that is designed specifically for sublimation printing. These printers are frequently marketed as sublimation printers and are purchased to use for sublimation. These will always be effective when used in conjunction with sublimation.
  • Inkjet printers that are compatible with sublimation. While most cheap Inkjet printers will not support this feature, upmarket models like the Epson-1430 Inkjet printer will. It’s a good idea to check your exact model to confirm.
  • Workforce printers may also work. It is merely a passing comment. A printer that is compatible with sublimation paper will include this information in its specifications. If you’re unsure, check the printer’s specifications online.

Which Printers Can Handle Sublimation Paper?

Generally speaking, you probably shouldn’t try if a printer did not advertise as sublimating-friendly. Having said that, these are some useful thumb rules to follow:

  • Cheap printers have less chance it’ll have a sublimation compatible printer head
  • Most HP printers will not print with sublimated paper, although they can often convert to the proper CISS kit for sublimation paper presses
  • If the printer isn’t compatible with the CISS Ink System Sublimation, it’s an interruption

Is It Possible To Convert Printers To Sublimation Printers?

You might technically be able to if you want to experiment with your gadgets. If your printer is compatible with the CISS Ink System, they can switch the printer head to sublimation paper. Currently, this feature appears to be limited to select Epson printer types.

To make your printer sublimation-ready, you will almost certainly need to purchase a CISS Ink System. When shopping, make certain that the system you choose is consistent with the setup printer you currently own. Not every CISS system is the same.

What Happens If I Attempt To Use Sublimation Paper On an Incompatible printer?

In reality, little will happen. If that is your concern, using sublimation paper will not immediately damage your printer. However, anything printed on it will not adhere. It is a full waste of ink and time.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Print on Sublimation Paper?

To create a print that adheres to sublimation paper, you’ll need sublimated ink as well as a printer that supports sublimation paper. What you should do to prepare your printer is as follows:

  • If your printer requires conversion, install and run the CISS Ink System. Instructions for converting your printer should be available online or in the user manual that came with it.
  • Substitute sublimation ink cartridges for standard ink cartridges. Ensure that your cartridges snap into place while changing them.
  • Substitute sublimation paper for ordinary paper. It is self-evident, yet it bears repeating.
  • Install any necessary software for your printer and print. Certain models may require specific software to print sublimation paper successfully. You can obtain information about any software that requires downloading online.

Is it possible to use standard ink on sublimation paper?

You can attempt more than you want, but you’ll quickly discover that it won’t work irrespective of your print. Sublimation paper design specifically to trap the gases that sublimated ink emits.

Regular ink is not designed to work with sublimation paper and will typically smear off the page when printed on this material. Sublimation paper-primarily used for garment printing. Thus having the ink that adheres to the paper makes little sense.

Is Sublimation Ink Compatible With Regular Paper?

It can, but it will not look very well. Due to the printing process, normal paper is an ineffective transporter of ink. As a result, approximately half of the ink is losing throughout the printing session.

It results in a hazy printout that frequently stains. If you want to transfer the design to a tee-shirt, you’re out of luck as well. Regular paper is incapable of transferring prints in the same way that sublimation paper is.

I Don’t Have A Sublimation Printer. Are There Any Alternatives I Can Use?

Assume you don’t want to pay more for sublimation paper printing at your neighborhood print shop but still want a garment printed. That is entirely understandable. It occurs. If this is your circumstance, you’re undoubtedly wondering what other options are available to you.

Given that this is a pretty typical occurrence, you may also want to consider the following:

High-quality printing

While this is not the most cost-effective choice, it is a guaranteed way to ensure your design print on a garment without sacrificing quality.

Transfer Paper for Heat

While sublimation paper is the best pick for fabric, you can also use heat transfer paper in a pinch. The majority of printers can handle thermal performance paper, even though they’re not capable of handling sublimation paper.

Screen Printing

If you’re prepared to invest additional time and work, you may be able to have your shirts screen-printed. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy and complicated process.

Wrap Up

We understand how perplexing it can be to see such a printer feature such as “sublimation technology” or “can be utilised for heat transfer,” yet these phrases imply various things to various hobbyists. Let’s set the record straight regarding which printers may and cannot be utilised as sublimation printers…and WHY.

Generally, the ability of a printer to produce sublimation transfer for a heat pressing use determines by the printing method used. Thermal (heat) or Piezo (pressure) technology is using in printers.

In a nutshell, thermal printers are incompatible with sublimation ink.

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