A common problem many people face like you get a lovely T-shirt from a shop only to discover it is too large for you. However, do not be alarmed. Fortunately, you can reduce the size of your T-shirt without returning to the store.

It’s very simple to follow along with the processes once your know-how. When you know it, you’ll be a pro in no time. Is it possible to shrink polyester in the comfort of your own home? My response is that there’s no doubt you can. You will discover how to shrink polyester in a matter of minutes by following the instructions outlined below.

How to Shrink a Polyester

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Material Needed to Shrink Polyester

  • Washing machine
  • Clothes iron
  • Clothes dryer
  • Water
  • Stockpot
  • Colander
  • Tongs

Best Tips to Shrink Polyester

Polyester shrinkage has the advantage of requiring no specialized equipment. Most of the products we’ll be using are common home items. So it’s not as if we’ll make you visit a nearby store.

To shrink that large T-shirt you just purchased, follow these easy ways:

1. Read the polyester instruction

Before you do anything else, check the polyester-made product tag as there may be any instructions for washing it. You’ll learn a lot from reviewing that tag if you pay attention to that detail.

As a result, make sure to read your garment’s label from start to finish to determine its fiber content. You’ll be able to tell how well it works and how to wash it based on the results of this test properly.

2. Use Hot Water to Wash the T-shirt

Polyester can easily shrink using this method. No special tools are needed, and it is simple enough for an adult to do.

Put your polyester in a cleaned sink or another container that can hold water to accomplish this. Turn on the stove, and afterward, soak your garments in hot water. Let it rest in the sink for a few minutes until the water becomes lukewarm.

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3. Squeeze It Out

Keep an eye on your polyester, as the water from the pot may still be hot when you touch them. When it’s cool enough to handle again, wring them out. Wring out the polyester as much as possible to prevent any water from seeping into your floor.

4. Washing Machine Use

Toss your polyester-made product in the washing machine after successfully wringing it out with a towel. Setting the wash cycle to the longest possible time will help reduce shrinkage. The usual cycle should use if you only need to reduce it by one size.

Depending on how little you want your garment to be, you can add some detergent and place it in the washing machine.

5. Dry it off

After the washing machine has finished its cycle, it’s time to put the garments in the dryer. Please set it to the absolute highest setting for now. It will cause your polyester to shrink by a further size.

Simply follow the instructions on the tag if your T-shirt has already shrunk to the appropriate size.

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6. Check the polyester

Take your garments out of the dryer once the cycle is finished to check if they’ve shrunk to the size you want. There is no need to panic if your T-shirt does not shrink in the least bit. Other methods of reducing the size of your clothing are still available to you.

7. Iron use

Among the most convenient methods of shrinking your clothing is to use an iron. You must use hot water to soak your garments in order to do this. Remove any extra water by ringing them out.

Allow your iron to warm up completely before using it. A dryer set to high or low heat will do nothing for your polyester if the temperature is too high or low. You’ll need an ironing board now that your clothing is all laid out. Hold the iron firmly in your hands and pass it over the surface evenly.

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To avoid damaging your polyester, don’t leave the ironing in the very same location for an extended period of time. Your clothing should shrink by one size as a result of doing this.

8. Water Evaporation

If you use an iron on a polyester, steam will generate while the T-shirt is heated. The primary reason for the shrinkage of your T-shirt is due to this. Your T-shirt will be smaller after the extra water has evaporated.

Precautions While Shrinking Polyester

  • To avoid the use of detergents, separate the dirty polyester from the clean polyester
  • When using the dryer, place the cleaned cloth in a laundry bag
  • When using an iron or a dryer, pay close attention to how much clothing shrinks
  • Dryer shrinkage  minimize by setting the heat to no higher than 81°C (178°F)
  • When it comes to clothing, don’t use shrinkage methods that take too long or occur too frequently
  • Before implementing a new method, be aware of the method’s limitations
  • Before purchasing, make sure it has the ability to produce shrinking heat
  • Any garment made entirely of polyester should be treated with extra care to prevent shrinkage
  • Steadily raise the temperature setting to shrink the cotton blend fabric to the desired size before using
  • Instead of using an electric dryer, opt for air drying

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FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Will polyester shrink in the dryer?

Polyester doesn’t shrink much, if at all. It will, however, shrink if you soak it in hot water, then put it in the dryer. However, if you simply toss it in the dryer untouched, it would not shrink.

How can I shrink polyester without a washing machine?

Using an iron to shrink polyester is one of the most effective methods for doing so without resorting to a washing machine. While using a washing machine saves time, using an iron is equally as quick and easy.

Is it ok to put polyester in the dryer?

Yes, as much as you adhere to the directions on the tag, it’s fine to do so. Also, when drying your items, be sure to set the dryer to a low setting and use a low temperature.

Does 100% polyester shrink when you wash it?

Polyester does not shrink that easily. It shouldn’t shrink at all if you wash it according to the instructions on the tag.

Can you wash polyester in hot water?

Polyester is designed to be shrink-resistant. High heat, on the other hand, will cause your T-shirt to shrink rapidly. As a result, we advise washing polyester clothing in cold water rather than hot water.

Final Verdict

It’s simple and quick to learn how to shrink polyester. To shrink polyester, soak your garments first, and use an iron to press the water out. Using an iron to shrink polyester is a simple and effective procedure, but there are alternatives.

Regardless, you can give these two approaches a shot and discover which one works the best for you. With this newfound knowledge, you will never have to worry about a T-shirt that is too big for you again.

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